Working with Excellence

BOXYME LTD, is East Africa’s foremost engineering and construction firm. With over 71 years of experience, we have built an impeccable track record through many of our projects in the energy, petroleum, agro-processing, telecommunications, ports and marine, mining, building, cement, and infrastructure development sectors, all of which are spread across various locations in the region.

In recent years, the company has established dominance, leveraging emerging technologies and expertise to execute some of the world’s largest and most complex engineering and infrastructure projects, thereby impacting communities, providing employment, growing economies, and improving the quality of life for thousands of people.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are critical components of our service delivery, and they are backed up by our cutting-edge civil works, fabrication facilities, and solid financial backing, allowing us to continually offer unrivaled capital-efficient projects to our clients.



H Young seeks to be recognized as East Africa’s Premier Engineering Construction and Infrastructure Company.



Our vision is to use cutting-edge and innovative technologies and techniques to build today for tomorrow.



We seek to concentrate on our core business as an integrated construction company.